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I'm Melanie! the girl behind the camera! I just wanted to let you know a little bit about myself before our session so that I don't feel like such a stranger. 

I started photography years ago when my kids were tiny. I fell in love with it, but I knew being a teen mom to two, I had to find a way to provide for my babies so I also went to nursing school. I became a NICU nurse and I still currently work as a nurse part-time. Once I was done with nursing school I picked up my camera again and couldn't put it back down. I consider myself very lucky because I have two careers that I find so rewarding and love so much. I love my little babies and all the families I have been able to connect with through the years of being a nurse and doing photography.


I am a mom to four great children and have an incredible future husband, Kyle. I never knew what love truly was until I met him. What else... I have a fantastic sense of humor and think of myself as very kind and enjoyable to be around! 

Can't wait to meet you! 

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