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What's included:

Edited images from start to finish in the following categories:

  • Summer

  • Spring

  • Fall

  • Newborn Lifestyle 

An overview of my shooting style including photoshop tips and tricks even a beginner can manage!! Also included is a behind the scenes video of a family shoot.

I start my editing process in Lightroom using Smal Presets; these can be purchased at the following link,

How I export my images into JPEG from Lightroom.

Lastly, I show my editing process in photoshop using Portraiture along with my sharpening technique. Portraiture can be purchased at the link below,

Editing Video ONLY Package



Editing Video plus  Mentoring Session



Come shoot with me on a family shoot where you will be able to see the flow of a typical session. This also includes a video of the editing process of that session.

Both packages are non-refundable, 

Before you purchase I would like you to understand and agree to what is stated below;

The images above are the exact before and after of the photos I will be editing for the video. I will be using Lightroom and photoshop. I will be using Portraiture in Photoshop, I do not edit with Portraiture in Lightroom. Below is a link to the trial of Portraiture for those that want to try it before they buy it!

This is my editing process and that does not mean my style of shooting and editing fits everyone. I am not a Photoshop or Lightroom expert. I am not using any actions purchased from other photographers in this video besides the SMAL presets in lightroom. You must agree to not share this video with other people. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out! 

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