Editing Video

You guys talked me into making a video and here it is! This video will go from the start to finish of my editing workflow. I start in Lightroom and then will show my Photoshop process. Below are the exact images (before and after)  that you will watch me edit in the video. There are 11 photos and the video is about 30 minutes in length.

So as I previously stated, these are the exact before and after of the images I will be editing in this video. I will be using Lightroom and photoshop. I will also be using Portraiture in Photoshop and do not edit with Portraiture in Lightroom. Below is a link to the trial to Portraiture for those that want to try it before they buy it!


Before you purchase I would like you to understand and agree to what is stated below

This is my editing process and that does not mean my style of shooting and editing fits everyone. I am not a Photoshop or Lightroom expert. I am not using any actions purchased from other photographers in this video. I use SMAL presets in lightroom in this video. will only be sharing this video with a handful of people and do not want it to be shared with anyone else. This purchase will be non-refundable. 

also completely random side note, I do not show the process after i'm done editing the photos in lightroom of how I exported the photos (computer issues) but i export the photos in JPEG and then open the photos in bridge to do my Photoshop stuff! Below is a screenshot of exporting the photos in LR.

Also I apologize for noisy children/computer noises. lol!