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Your session

with Melanie!

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Hello There!

In case you didn't catch it already, my name

is Melanie! I am a mama so I totally get how exciting it is to finally schedule family pictures but I also know how stressful it can feel to prepare for that day. This is why I have put this session guide together. I will go over some helpful tips for putting together outfits, what to expect during your sessions and also what to expect after your session!

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Quick Tips

For The Best Family Portrait Session

I will always start out the session with a "Christmas card" worthy photo where we start with everyone smiling at the camera, after that I no longer want you to look at me. Its all about getting those true moments of connection. Don't worry about everyone smiling just perfectly or how your child is behaving. Trust me, your kids will recognize negative energy so just try to relax even if your family is driving you crazy! (I get it, trust me! I'm truly the most laid back person ever and I have met so many different types of kids, don't worry about anything! 

My sessions are super laid back and go with the flow! I will help direct and position you, but I want you to just forget i'm there... forget about how stressful work has been and what you have to do once you get home tonight... just have fun and look into your beautiful babies eyes and just enjoy every detail of their perfect face. You might even find a new freckle or two!  Kiss your husband and think about those butterflies he gave you when you first met, or maybe he still gives you those butterflies! tell him that! I totally get it is easier said than done, but if you just let go of all that stress and just play I can guarantee you I will capture some incredible moments for you.

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COMPLIMENT&COORDINATE but don't get too matchy! When picking your wardrobe, make sure you keep color and flow in mind. You want your photos to look unique! Stay away from 'blue jeans and white t-shirt' for everyone or outfits that don't allow personality. This will make your images look really dated  


We are creating a memory of your family. These images are for you and your children. There are by no means 'rules'

to outfits. These tips are just to help give some guidance. Choose outfits that reflect you as a person and make you feel beautiful and confident.

For the boys:

V neck t-shirts, Henley shirts, button up with rolled up sleeves. I definitely recommend neutral solid colors. Suspenders are very 'in' right now for the littles, I have a collection of them if your interested! 

For women and girls: flowy dresses help create a feeling of movement and emotion in your images. A cute top and pants/flowy skirts work as well! Incorporate some patterns with solids. Floral prints are always beautiful! My go to shops are VICI, Joyfolie, free people, Lulu's, H&M, forever 21 even amazon can have some surprising finds! 

I also recommend wearing your hair down for added impact on your images

sometimes it is easier to start with one outfit and then pull colors from that outfit to create looks for everyone else.

accessories are simple and easy and can add some pop to your attire. Headbands, rings, necklaces are all great but be careful about watches.  Not all accessories are timeless, I just don't think you will look back and love that apple watch years from now.

After your session 

Payment is due either before or on the day of your session. 

Typical editing time is around three weeks. I know how painful it can be to wait for pictures but I will post a sneak of your images on Facebook or Instagram sometime during  those weeks! 

side note: if payment is not made the day of your session, the three weeks turnaround starts from the date of payment.

Photos will be delivered in an online gallery where you will be able to download your images in full resolution quality. 

Photos will be kept in the online gallery for 30 days. After 30 days the photos will be taken down. I cannot stress enough the importance of downloading your images within those 30 days. There is a retrieval fee of $50.00 to re-upload galleries. 

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