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Hey Friend!

In the video I did not have volume on because my house is chaos, so I'm writing in here any thoughts i had or things I wanted to say! :)


I LOVE this photo, I looked you up on FB and I love how you edit all your images. There is a beautiful softness to all your photos and I love that. In the video I do just as I do in my editing video, I adjust my sliders to my eyes liking starting with exposure and then warmth. That way I have a good idea how I will adjust my other sliders. I messed with the greens only on a couple of these photos because I really liked how pretty the greens were. These are the best images anyone has sent to me to edit, I feel like you already edit so great! After Lightroom, I went into photoshop to edit the photos. I used the same technique that i did in the video, I applied portraiture and then I would flatten my image, but I use my keyboard to flatten my image so if you see the layers disappear it because I flattened my image. After applying portraiture I use the sharpening technique to sharpen and then I sometimes will apply portraiture a second time. Lastly, I made the portraiture into a button so its easier and quicker to get to, I named it portraiture updated because I updated to portraiture 4.

For this image I applied smal and grain reset, then adjusted my sliders. I then adjusted the blue saturation slider. You may have noticed already but sometimes smal can cause white shirts to look super blue, so I adjusted that down. 


After Applying SMAL to the last image I went ahead and selected all the images and applied the same settings to the rest of the images. I do the same thing every time I edit so this just makes the process faster. 

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